1.DSP processor inside

We use advanced series dsp chip for our dsp amp,it is a complete single-chip audio system with a 28-/56-bit audio DSP, ADCs, DACs, and microcontroller-like control interfaces. Signal processing includes equalization, cross-over, bass enhancement, multiband dynamics processing, delay compensation, speaker compensation, and stereo image widening. This processing can be used to compensate for real-world limitations of speakers, amplifiers, and listening environments, providing dramatic improvements in perceived audio quality.

Its signal processing is comparable to that found in high end studio equipment. Most processing is done in full 56-bit, double precision mode, resulting in very good low level signal perfor-mance. It is a fully programmable DSP. The easy to use SigmaStudio™ software allows the user to graphically configure a custom signal processing flow using blocks such as biquad filters, dynamics processors, level controls, and GPIO interface controls.

2.Largest power single class D chip inside

The TAS seireis are a high-performance class-D amplifier with integrated closed-loop feedback technology (known as PurePath HD technology) with the ability to drive up to 300 W .stereo into 4 to 8 speakers from a single 50-V supply.

PurePath HD technology enables traditional AB-amplifier performance (<0.03% THD) levels while providing the power efficiency of traditional class-D amplifiers.

Unlike traditional class-D amplifiers, the distortion curve only increases once the output levels move into clipping.

PurePath HD technology enables lower idle losses,making the device even more efficient.

3.High sample rate digital source support

High fidelity digital source support due to adanced asynchronous same rate processor and high speed audio dsp inside,it can support digital rate like fs=8kHz/11kHz/16Khz/22kHz/32kHz/44.1KHz/48Khz/96kHz/192kHz

4.120dB S/N headphone amplifier inside

We use TPA6120 as headphone amplifier,it is a high fidelity audio amplifier built on a current-feedback architecture. This high bandwidth, extremely low noise device is ideal for high performance equipment. The better than 120 dB of dynamic range exceeds the capabilities of the human ear, ensuring that nothing audible is lost due to the amplifier. The solid design and performance of the TPA6120A2 ensures that music, not the amplifier, is heard.

it can delivery out 80 mW into 600 From a ±12-V supply at 0.00014% THD + N

it provide Greater than 120 dB of Dynamic Range and 120dB of SNR .

5.Wide range smps supply

We use Fairchild advanced smps chip support good performce power supply,

it can works well at 100v-220v conditions.

Sinewave has rich experience in the fields of SMPS and high frequency switching amplifier. To be the first successfully developed the first SMPS and TAS5630 all in one board in the world, and with its excellent sound and stablity, our products has earned a high reputation among customers and parterners.


1.DSP+SMPS+Class D Hi-Fi Amplifier+Hi-Fi Headphone amplifier all in one board

2.SPDIF / USB /2 Analog source

3.All aluminum case

4.Wide range power supply

5.Hi-Fi parts applicated

6.Support 2.1 or 3way ,sigma software support

7.Bass boost frequency adjustment and independent bass gain controller


1.Power out:

2.1mode:1x150W/4ohm(subwoofer)+2x75W/8ohm or 4ohm (stereo

3way: 1x150W/8ohm(subwoofer)+1x100W/4ohm(mid range)+1x50W(tweeter)


Analog:0dBV/100k ;


SPDIF:coxial or optical

3.Frequency Response:20-20KHz +/-1dB

4.Loader:2 4 8 ;

5.AC Power:100-265Vac 50 or 60Hz

Front Panel

Rear Ports


Expert Design

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