This PA system is compact enough for storage and travel. Yet it is functional and powerful enough to be used as a professional sound system for small venues, such as wedding,business presention, choir and music rehearal, dance, school function and home entertainments.

This product feature a powered mixer, two removable high output speakers, one dynamic microphone with cable and two speaker stands. The products has many specilized features, the most recommendable feature is to control a split audio track’s voice and music volumes independently so you can adjust the vocalsto-music ratio differently for rehearsals and live perfomance.


Power supply:100-265Vac, 50 or 60Hz

Output Power:RMS: 100W*2@THD+N 1% (TAS5613 AMP INSIDE)

Frequency Response:45Hz~18KHz (+/-3dB) 

Sensitivity:MIC: -50dB, LINE: -10dB, TAPE: -6dB, CD: -10 dB

Record Level: 0dB


6ch mixer

if interest this, pls send mail to us, we will send detail user manual and other magzine to you.

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