Sinewave new product,industrial level sonar power amplifier,1KW rms power ,400-500v voltage output.1Khz ~40Khz signal frequency range.

Suit for high impedance and high imaginary part load.

We have developed some types of sonar amp, amp main osc frequecy up to 1MHz,response frequency 1KHz~60KHz.

If any special requirement, pls tell us, we can customer develop for you.


1.AC Supply: 110V OR 220V 50 OR 60Hz

2.Input Sensitivity:1Vrms,6vrms max

3.Output Voltage:600Vmax

4.Rated Power:1KW (continous power)

5.AMP Type:class D

6.SMPS Type:Half Bridge Resonant

7.Output mode:differential power signal output



9.Military standard interface

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